There may be one or ten BBQ hangovers in the room right now. Let’s get the November issue started! #editmeeting #lingeringmeatcoma (at Texas Monthly Magazine)

And may all your dreams be filled with smoked meats aplenty, and your heartburn be as minimal as possible. Goodnight y’all! #Repost from @kimberlypark Ribs and more ribs. #killensbbq #pork #ribs #klose #pit #tmbbqfest #austin

Playing the game right. #Repost from @pxlsmk Gotta hydrate while waiting in line for bbq. #tmbbqfest

Your life expectancy just got about 3 years shorter, but who’s counting? Happy birthday! #Repost from @lsolimani This is how to celebrate your bday. #tmbbq @franklinbbq is still the best (2 hour line) #austin #bbq #30lbsofmeat

It’s not BBQ in Austin without a line. πŸ˜‰ If you’re down at our BBQ festival tag your photos #tmbbqfest and we’ll repost some of our favorites! A rattle of Tums and away we go! (at Long Center)

#wcw April 2004 cover star Beyonce, channeling her inner Willie Nelson. (at Texas Monthly Magazine)

The end of summer only means one thing: FOOTBALL SEASON HAS RETURNED!

Catch up with Charlie Strong in this Q&A from our September issue.

Photograph by Wyatt McSpadden

Y’all better make this last weekend of summer count. #myfavetexas #Repost from @danafelthauser “You cannot always wait for the perfect time, sometimes you must dare to jump.” #cliffjump at #jacobswell in the #texashillcountry (at Texas Monthly)

Some #tbt action back to our January 1981 cover. Who was out on the South Carolina State House at midnight yell practice? Who wishes they were? (at Texas Monthly)

β€œHow are you not … ,” a pause to size me up, β€œ… four hundred pounds?” 

At least they figure I weigh less than a car engine. Otherwise I might consider the question rude.

Read all about the best job in the world in our BBQ Editor’s new feature story Confessions of a Fat Bastard.Β 

Photograph by Darren Braun

Last time we checked the 4 food groups were apple, peach, pecan and buttermilk pie right? #myfavetexas #Repost from @sweetlifebake Helllllo Texas!! I’ve missed you sweet thang - a quick stop in #Fredericksburg for pie before we hit the road again. #ilovetexas #texaseats (at Texas Monthly)

"Now let’s see, which ones do I want to wear for my first day of school?" #myfavetexas #Repost from @felipegarza The boot covered aisles inside Allen Boots in So. Congress. (at Texas Monthly)

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The intrigue of a donut taco kicks off this morning’s editorial meeting. Yes, that’s a taco with a donut for a tortilla. No, we don’t want to talk about our cholesterol. (at Texas Monthly)