Dog days of summer indeed. TGIF y’all! ✌️😎 #myfavetexas #Repost from @edeneastaustin #thirsty (at Texas Monthly)

Are you getting the itch for seeing all our great state has to offer? Need to add to our #myfavetexas collection? For destination ideas, festival dates and travel deals from our partners, check out our free Traveling Texan newsletter! Link in profile. (at Texas Monthly)

If you think you know a thing or two about being hot, go stand next to this fire on a steamy August afternoon. You’re welcome. #myfavetexas #Repost from @jaimiemuehlhausen This is the pit at Smitty’s in Lockhart, TX. The fire has been going for over 100 years. We literally got the last rack of ribs they had after driving 40 minutes to get there. #bbq #smittys #lockhart #ribs (at Texas Monthly Magazine)

One of the coolest things in San Antonio #myfavetexas #Repost from @queenbrocks largest #virginmary #mosaic in the world 🙏 #mothermary

😍😍😍 #myfavetexas #Repost from @visitexas Sunflowers are in full bloom off I-35 near Waco!! Photo Credit - @alanamandel #visitexas (at Texas Monthly)

Do you deliver to downtown Austin? #myfavetexas #Repost from @whitneygrahamcarter #organicblackberrybasilsirop #fluffoverflow! #bam! #supersno #shavedice #jacksonvilletexas 🌈☀💘🍧 (at Texas Monthly)

Gentle followers, today is deadline Wednesday, and we’re working hard on the September issue so you will be extra stoked on it when it hits your hands. In honor of today, we’ll be posting stuff we wish we had: first up, a kolache or ten would be nice. #Repost from @jessicadenise44 My little Texas transplants @cassandranowell and @cfabritz finally get to try the famous Czech Stop! From LA and Kentucky to West, Texas! 👏👏 (at Texas Monthly)

Apparently I-35 traffic has spread to our local rivers. 😳😣😜#myfavetexas #Repost from @lsbtexas4l Nothing like being oiled up in the Texas sun, cold beer between your legs, friends, good times and hanging out with 5,000 crazy Texans!!! Summer is here!! (at Texas Monthly Magazine)

Is it too early or too late for this feast? #myfavetexas #Repost from @_calebbennett I can now die happy. (at Texas Monthly)

Excuse us while we go get our boots on. #Repost from @littlecottageonthepond Best memories made here… #myfavetexas (at Texas Monthly)

Does anyone else need Visine this morning? #monday #myfavetexas Repost from @laurencoudron Pretty eye-catching over there… #dallas (at Texas Monthly)

At this moment exactly 48 years ago, one of the greatest tragedies in Texas history started. Go to to read Pam Colloff’s 2006 story “96 Minutes”, an oral history of the UT sniper. (at Texas Monthly)

And now, a little historical #myfavetexas jam. #Repost from @myetx Shelby County’s 1885 Courthouse has 12 chimneys. Architect, J. J. E. Gibson of Ireland, designed this two-story brick courthouse to look like the castles he had seen while growing up in his native country. Gibson also made the two million-plus bricks used to construct the courthouse, and the mortar was made from sand hauled by oxcarts from Louisiana. The Shelby County Courthouse is now the only remaining Irish castle style courthouse in the U.S. (at Texas Monthly Magazine)

A little #tbt action courtesy of Creative Director @toddjasontucker : @randalford shooting Johnny Manziel for the September 2013 cover. (at Texas Monthly Magazine)

Well now we know where to head at 5:01PM today. #myfavetexas #Repost from @miabax old native american bathing grounds / krause springs (at Texas Monthly Magazine)