Johnny Winter, born in Beaumont, one of the greatest blues guitarists to walk this earth.

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 “If you’re in law enforcement long enough, you’ll eventually come across bank robbers of every shape and size,” said Troy Nehls, the sheriff of Fort Bend County, which includes part of the Katy area. “But I’m not sure there has ever been a bank-robbing family. And then along comes Scott, Hayden, and Abby.”Read more about the Catt Family Robbers here

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If you want to make this classic George Strait video even funnier, imagine all the ladies are the cast from Bridesmaids. You’re welcome.

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"Wyatt swung his gaze to the Tower and searched the rows of windows up to the top. The gold hands of the Tower clock marked the time at 11:51. On the high, walled deck below it, a figure appeared and then eerily vanished. A second later the figure popped into view again, aiming a glinting rifle down at the East Mall. Smoke puffed out of the barrel as the sound blasted. From below came a muted noise and a muffled, lingering shout. The figure on the deck disappeared again and then reappeared a second later. Wyatt saw the white bloom but didn’t hear the blast this time. The window beside him exploded." — Read the full excerpt from Monday, Monday: A Novel, by Elizabeth Crook, here

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In Houston, where his evolution as an artist has coincided with an explosive cultural energy in the city, his forays outside hip-hop feel as natural as they do ambitious. Little wonder, then, that some have playfully suggested he run for office. In 2010 the rapper J. Cole endorsed him for the White House in a track called “Bun B for President.” Later that year, in a Houston Press poll, his hip-hop peers elected him Texas governor. Recently, there has been buzz about the more realistic idea of Bun B’s running for mayor, an idea proposed late last year by the Houston Press and quickly picked up by others, including political writer Charles Kuffner, who made a tongue-in-cheek list comparing Bun B’s attributes to those of Jesse Ventura and Al Franken. Noting the slogan that online commenters had already proposed—“Vote Bun B for Mayor and Keep Houston Trill as F**k”—Kuffner wrote, “You’d hardly have to campaign with a slogan as awesome as that.” - From Katy Vine’s “Man About Town”, read the rest here.

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To the only guy that can get away with having a 48 hour birthday. Happy 81st birthday Willie!

To read up on Willie over the years, check out his Texanica page here.

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Mission accomplished.


I knew before I was writing it, music was going to be the number one character. It was going to be the lead character – the music going on. I feel like as a teenager, that’s the most expressive element of your life. - Richard Linklater

Soundtrack of my life.

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