Robert Rodriguez: gallerist to fanboys.

Dallas native Luke Wilson, emcee at the Texas Film Awards.

It’s baaack. 

This is how you bury Rob Thomas in marshmallows and get away with it. Photographer Darren Braun will never get the smell of sugar out of his nose. Story up on for all you #VeronicaMars fans! #marshmallows #RobThomas #kickstarter #tbt (at Texas Monthly)

Pretty sure Stuart Smalley is moonlighting as a staffer these days. #dailyaffirmations #positivethinking (at Texas Monthly)

All you marshmallows out there, raise your hands! Rob Thomas talks about his life and career here.

Photographs by Darren Braun

Sneak peek at our March cover. Try to not get too much drool on your keyboard.

Oh you know, just celebrating Burt Reynolds birthday the best way we know how: mandatory moustaches, Coors yellow bellies, snacks galore and a screening of Smokey & the Bandit. TM Goodtimes Unit knows how to party (at Texas Monthly)

Gentle reader, while I’m busy lampin’ in Houston, recovering from getting my brain melted by Queens of the Stone Age, our own wanderer @jordanbreal took charge and has provided her view of the day at the editorial meeting. April issue roll call! Thanks Jordan!

Give away table at the office just got interesting. Predict sugar crashes at about 3PM CST. #donationsfromtheartdept (at Texas Monthly)


Johnny Rotten in San Antonio, with Lone Star.

He was not sociable. When I got on the band’s bus briefly in San Antonio, he just said, “That’s highly unadvisable, young lady.”

photographer Roberta Bayley, from On Tour with the Sex Pistols in Texas, up now on Texas

We sent photographer Justin Clemons @justinclemons out to Oliver Saddle Shop in Amarillo for our February “Made in Texas” spotlight, and he got some great shots like this. #saddleshop #handmade #texas (at Texas Monthly)

If this polar vortex is getting you down, make a run to the store and grab all the fixin’s to make yourself a pot of seafood gumbo.

Photograph by Jody Horton

Shooting on location today. #snazzy (at Public School)