Throwback Thursday, tumblr edition: Shout out to Captain Letty Ortiz from Fort Bliss who helped our team out tremendously during our "At War’s End" homecoming photoshoot. Shown here with Creative Director TJ Tucker, Photo Editor Leslie Baldwin, Photographer Joe Pugliese and Art Assistant Nicki Longoria

Hey Wyatt McSpadden! Thanks for taking our staff photo this chilly morning (and ignoring our whinging). #behindthescenes #wyattmcspadden #texasphotographers (at Texas Monthly)

Behind the scenes shot of photographer Dan Winters setting up a portrait of Matthew McConaughey, from Spring 2012. 

A behind the scenes shot of Billy Joe Shaver for you gentle reader, to make this Hump Day slightly more bearable. Shoot was at his home in Waco last year, that’s photographer Leann Mueller in the corner there doing work. 

A fine example of photo magic, courtesy of photographer Randal Ford. We still don’t know entirely how he did it, but then again a magician never reveals his secrets. 

College football season is fast approaching, mere weeks till the first tailgate gets lowered and the fans come out in all their glory. For our September 2011 issue, we rounded up over 40 die hard fans to come out and scream their heads off for our cover story.  Even we had no idea just how loud this was going to be until we walked out of there knowing what the world sounded like to Pete Townshend

Because seriously, who DOESN’T love a chuckling McConaughey? Behind the scenes at our May 2012 cover shoot, McConaughey chatted with Richard Linklater about football and what to do about the upcoming 20 year anniversary of a little movie called Dazed and Confused. If you didn’t feel old before you read that sentence, now you do. Happy Humpday!