The party’s over, the dishes are done, you’ve found yourself parked at your work desk and have no idea just quite how you managed to get there. You are SO not ready to be dealing with emails just yet. Allow us to provide you with a few yuks this morning courtesy of our Critter page. It will totally look like you’re working, trust us. 

Illustration by Matt Diffee.

When you pick up the September issue of Texas Monthly this Thursday you’ll notice some changes, big and small. We’ve completely redesigned all of the interior pages, nixing some and adding in some new ones that we hope will become new favorites to everyone. Here’s a sneak peek at our Critter page, illustrated and written by Matt Diffee, which will feature an “interview” with a different Texan critter every month. First critter up to bat is the horny toad, and he’s already tired of your 2 Live Crew jokes.