“Without this producer, Bob Dylan would not have broken through like he did—effectively bringing on the swinging sixties and changing music forever. Without this producer, Simon and Garfunkel might have quit before they ever got started, the Velvet Underground might have stayed underground, Frank Zappa might have spent his career recording on hapless independent labels, and jazz greats Sun Ra and Cecil Taylor would definitely have labored longer in obscurity than they already did. This producer helped them all find their voices and realize their visions, revolutionizing American music. He was a Harvard graduate. He was a Republican. He was a black guy from Waco, Texas.”

To celebrate 80 years of Willie, this page will be ALL WILLIE ALL DAY. Stop by to see all 9 of the covers he’s graced since this first one in August 1976

Soooooo what time is the world ending again?

Until then, dig this photo straight from our archives: Roky Erickson and Doug Sahm at Gemini’s, Austin TX. 1977. Photo by Ken Hoge.

Who needs some big elf when you got real life Willie Nelson?! 

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