In this episode of Wanderin’ Wednesdays, read about Jordan Breal’s trip to Southtown San Antonio and start planning a weekend getaway. You can find this breakfast there. 

Photograph by Jordan Breal

"Well, it’s a military town, and I grew up during the Vietnam War. So that meant when I was fifteen years old, my dad had to suffer through me ending up on the six o’clock news on a flatbed trailer in front of the Alamo singing “I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixin’-to-Die Rag” at a Vietnam Veterans Against the War rally. He was an air traffic controller, so he heard about it at work. And I heard about it at home." — Steve Earle, on growing up in San Antonio

Photograph by Peter Yang.

In case you don’t keep track of such things, today marks 31 years since Ozzy Osbourne remembered the Alamo in his own special way (number 109 on our 175 Roadtrip from March 2011).

Photoshoot location scouting out in San Antonio, stumbled upon this rad mural. Near Guadalupe and Brazos. #latergram #murals #sanantonio