Sneak peek at our March cover. Try to not get too much drool on your keyboard.


Johnny Rotten in San Antonio, with Lone Star.

He was not sociable. When I got on the band’s bus briefly in San Antonio, he just said, “That’s highly unadvisable, young lady.”

photographer Roberta Bayley, from On Tour with the Sex Pistols in Texas, up now on Texas

We sent photographer Justin Clemons @justinclemons out to Oliver Saddle Shop in Amarillo for our February “Made in Texas” spotlight, and he got some great shots like this. #saddleshop #handmade #texas (at Texas Monthly)

Sneak peek at our February cover, just for you, gentle reader.

Hits newsstands 1/23. Cover photo by Jeff Wilson.

BOOM. Oil that is. Black gold. Texas Tea.

On newsstands next Thursday. Get there in a rush.

Photo illustration by Jeff Wack. Primary portrait by Jeff Wilson. 

Know what the best thing about Texas is? Having a bit of a wander. Follow our travel writer Jordan Breal around the Lone Star state at her blog and check out her latest trip to New Braunfels where she found this cool jukebox. Beware, you may get some serious job envy.

It’s Wednesday, you’re stuck at work and you’d much rather be out having a wander. Live vicariously through our own Jordan Breal and make believe you’re out in Round Top.

APRIL ISSUE, OUT NOW! John Spong on the demise of the Dixie Chicks, Skip Hollandsworth gives you a story about a woman’s basketball team that’s straight outta “A League of Their Own”, @jordanbreal goes antiquing Round Top style and @ericagrieder wants to know who’s afraid of lil’ old Texas? All this, for you gentle reader! (at Texas Monthly)

No actual newspapers were harmed in the making of this collage. Don’t ask about my fingers.

And now, for the most important question of the day: Who’s coming out to the Texas Monthly BBQ Festival on Sunday? Raise a sauce covered paw with some pride! If you weren’t lucky enough to score tickets to this year’s fest never fear, we will be out tweeting and instagramming (our handle is @texasmonthly) the heck out of the event while it happens. 

To get you in the meaty mood, check out what we had to say about who won the BBQ battle between Taylor and Lockhart in 1973, round one of the list of the 50 best joints in Texas in 1997, our current list from 2008 and the tale of two pitmasters from this February. We are not responsible for any damage to your computer, keyboard or phone from uncontrollable drooling. 

See you in the pit!