Today the world got the gift of Joe Tex. If it’s killing you why you think you know this song, you may be thinking of the best jukebox in town.

How else could we end Williefest: Birthday Edition? Santa Willie in all his glory, just for you at 4:20PM. Happy 80th birthday Willie! Thanks for all the songs and stories over the years!

Williefest, Birthday Edition continues with another oral history about Willie and all the outlaw country boys, from April 2012.

Williefest: Birthday Edition continues with this oral history from May 2008.

To celebrate 80 years of Willie, this page will be ALL WILLIE ALL DAY. Stop by to see all 9 of the covers he’s graced since this first one in August 1976

March 31, 1995. 18 years ago today. Never forget. #selena #RIP #texaslegends #gonebutnotforgotten

Who needs some big elf when you got real life Willie Nelson?! 

December issue out this week, no matter if you’re on the naughty or nice list!